The Town Hall Long Term Care Nursing and Rehabilitation Centers provide:

  • Lovely, spacious, comfortable rooms

  • Exciting informative activities  

  • Interfaith devotionals to touch and inspire the hearts of all

  • Delicious, well-balanced meals and snacks are served from our own kitchens and bakeries

  • Caring, devoted and professional staff giving special care to each resident.

Click on any of the links below to find out more about a facility in which you may be interested.

Town Hall Estates Health Care Facility – Keene

  • “Caring for and Contributing to our Community” is the motto of our Keene Center. Administrator Jason Fautheree believes that patient care comes first. With 130 licensed beds, the facility is almost always full. “We are committed to a philosophy of compassionate care that preserves human dignity, and the right of each resident to exercise their freedom of choice,” Fautheree says. Contact him at

    Town Hall Estates – Keene, Inc.
    207 S. Old Betsy Road
    Keene, TX 76059
    (817) 645-8888

  • Town Hall Estates Health Care Facility – Hillsboro

  • 300 Happy Lane is the address of our Hillsboro facility. ARTH obtained this facility in 1971, and today it has 138 licensed beds. It is known throughout the Hillsboro region as “the facility of choice.” Although beautifully decorated, its best feature is not aesthetic and architectural beauty; it is the quality of the care each resident receives.

    Town Hall Estates – Hillsboro, Inc.
    300 Happy Lane
    Hillsboro, TX 76645
    (254) 582-8482

  • Town Hall Estates Health Care Facility – Whitney

  • Purchased in 1971, along with the Hillsboro property, the Whitney Center has 90 licensed beds and offers outstanding intermediate level nursing care. Our setting is a spacious 5-acre campus that is in a city, yet seems like it is really in the country. Residents have a feeling of privacy and freedom to enjoy a picnic with family and friends, relax under a shade tree, work in a garden, or take a leisurely stroll around the grounds.

    Town Hall Estates – Whitney, Inc.
    101 San Marcus Street
    Whitney, TX 76692
    (817) 694-2233

  • Town Hall Estates Health Care Facility – Arlington

  • Located in Arlington, Texas, this full-service health care & rehabilitation facility was built in 1993. Licensed for 116 licensed beds, this excellent and beautiful nursing home is renowned for its excellent, loving care.

    Town Hall Estates – Arlington, Inc.
    824 West Mayfield Road
    Arlington, TX 76015
    (817) 465-2222