To contact us at American Religious Town Hall

Our mailing address is :

American Religious Town Hall Meeting

P. O. Box 180118

Dallas, TX   75218

E-Mail may be sent to :

Our telephone number is : 214-328-9828

We also maintain a fax machine at : 214-328-3042

If you would like to make a comment regarding a recent program,  or if you have some other observation or item you think others would find of interest, please submit it to us at and your submission will be considered for posting. 


The only full time employees at the American Religious Town Hall are those involved in the operation of our various health care facilities. The panel members meet for a two-day recording session once approximately every  three months. During these two days, all of the programs are recorded which will be broadcast over the next 13 week period.

You may not see a particular panelist on a particular program because:

  • Panelists are sometimes called away due to other professional or personal commitments. When someone has to miss a day of taping it means that they will not appear on any of the programs for an extended period of time.
  • Our limited thirty minute time slot does not allow for each of the available panel members to contribute to each topic. As a result, only six of the available members can appear to discuss a specific issue. There are a number of factors that contribute to the choice of panelists for a given subject.