Town Hall Estates Health Care Facility – Keene

Welcome to Town Hall Estates – Keene, Inc.  We’re glad you have chosen to take this “virtual” tour with us.  We hope it stimulates you to look at us more closely, and especially to help you decide to visit us personally.

Town Hall Estates, Keene, Inc.

We are a non-profit long-term care facility, a subsidiary of American Religious Town Hall Meeting, Inc, a non-profit interdenominational 501(c) (3) charitable corporation. At Town Hall Estates – Keene, we seek to carry out the parent corporation’s goal of serving all, irrespective of race, religion, color, creed, or national origin.  We are dedicated to providing quality, compassionate care to meet the ever-changing needs of each resident.
We are a full service health care facility with 130 licensed beds that has proudly served the Keene, Texas community since 1971.

Our Mission

We believe patient care comes first.  We are committed to a philosophy of compassionate care that preserves human dignity, and the right of each resident to exercise their freedom of choice.   We offer quality nursing care to help an individual live his/her life with the greatest level of independence possible.  We seek to serve the whole person (physically, mentally, and spiritually) in a home-like environment with an atmosphere of loving, professional care.

We Offer

Skilled Nursing Care by dedicated registered nurses, licensed vocational nurses,  certified nursing assistants, and restorative nursing assistants.  Our professional, compassionate nursing staff works together with the Director of Nursing to provide care that makes a difference every day.  Residents are given assistance in the needed areas of feeding, bathing, grooming, nursing care, and other care as needed.
Medicare Skilled Care Residents who need Medicare Skilled Care are offered a comprehensive range of specialized medical, nursing and therapeutic services, for both short-term and long-term stays.  Services provided include, but are not limited to

  • Post-stroke rehabilitation
  • Orthopedic rehabilitation
  • Post-surgical stabilization

Physician Services Our medical staff includes a medical director who serves as our advisor of medical practices.  Other area physicians also serve our facility.  Our residents are provided with on-site services of a dentist, optometrist, and a podiatrist who regularly visit our facility.

Other Professional Services are offered in-house by licensed occupational, physical, rehabilitation, and speech therapists.  These specialists are available to evaluate, design, and monitor individual therapy programs.  Once the course of therapy is completed, the resident is followed by a restorative aide who, following the plan of care established by the therapists, works with the resident to maintain the highest level of function.

Social Services Our social workers serve as advocates for our residents and as liaison between our residents and their families.  Referrals are made for all aspects of resident care, including vision care, dental care, psychological services, and much more.  Our social workers ensure that the individual needs of each resident are met.

Activities A variety of activities are planned for our residents each day to meet individual interests and ability to participate.  In-room visits and activities are arranged for those who are unable to participate in group activities.  The activity program includes therapeutic and leisure activities, including evening and weekend programs.  Trips of interest in the community are arranged several times each month.

The Setting

We are located in the small town of Keene, TX., which is home to Southwestern Adventist University, and is located about 30 miles south of Ft. Worth.  Our building is an attractive one-story structure designed to provide a warm, friendly, family feeling of closeness.  The lobby has recently (2007) been renovated, and provides a home-like atmosphere complete with large-screen TV, a beautiful aquarium, a large attractive aviary, outstanding art-work, and a general appearance that helps a resident feel comfortable.

The Dining Room

Meals at Town Hall Estates – Keene are served in our large, country-style dining room that was totally renovated in 2007.  Our dining room team is led by a professional chef.  Together they plan and serve well-balanced and nutritious meals that reflect home-style cooking.  Supplemental snacks are provided throughout the day for those requiring additional nutrition.  When reservations are made in advance, family and friends are welcome to dine with our residents.

Come Visit Us

Our goal is to have the best nursing home in the State of Texas by offering loving, superior service.  We work hard to satisfy the state requirements – but more important, we want to satisfy the needs of residents and their families.  We specialize in communication – and promise to do our best to make the resident comfortable and to communicate with the family.    Come visit, talk to the administrator and the staff, and we think you’ll agree – Town Hall Estates – Keene, Inc., is an unusual nursing home.  We invite you to see for yourself by visiting us, or calling the administrator at (817) 645-8888.