Town Hall Estates Health Care Facility – Hillsboro


Town Hall Estates Nursing Center – Hillsboro is a full-service health care facility with 138 licensed beds that has proudly served the Hillsboro community since 1971.  Affiliated with The American Religious Town Hall Meeting, Inc., a non-profit interdenominational 501(c)(3) religious charitable corporation, Town Hall Estates – Hillsboro  seeks to carry out the parent corporation’s goal of serving all, irrespective of race, religion, color, creed, or national origin.

Town Hall Estates – Hillsboro offers quality nursing care to help an individual live his/her life with the greatest level of independence possible.  We seek to serve the whole person (physically, mentally, and spiritually) in a home-like environment with an atmosphere of loving, professional care.



A Skilled Team  Administrator John Tubbs works closely with the director of nurses and each department head to assure that quality care is given to each resident.  This superb team’s first goal is to restore and maintain the highest level of functioning and well-being of each resident.  In particular, the administrator and director of nurses set the tone for the facility by approving and placing into effect policies and procedures that benefit both residents and their families.

Skilled Nursing Care by dedicated registered nurses, licensed vocational nurses, and certified nurse aides.  All beds are licensed by the state.  Competent nursing staff provides loving care 24 hours each day, 7 days a week.  Residents are given assistance in the needed areas of feeding, bathing, grooming, nursing care, and other care as needed.

Activity Staff  helps the residents meet physical needs, and provides equally important intellectual stimulation.  Emotional needs are addressed through programs that foster self-esteem and encourage the residents to participation in varied activities.  An excellent variety of activities is provided with the goal of stimulating our residents in spiritual, physical, cultural, and creative ways.  Programs include daily exercise, reading of literature, current events discussions, crafts, games, movies, a variety of parties, concerts, singing, daily devotions, church services, and special celebrations throughout the year.

Social Services Coordinator helps provide the emotional and social needs of each resident, providing or recommending necessary services.  Social Services assists the resident in adjusting to losses, illnesses, and other significant changes.

Other Professional Services are offered in-house by licensed occupational, physical, rehabilitation, and speech therapists.  These specialists are available to evaluate, design, and monitor individual therapy programs.  Once the course of therapy is completed, the resident is followed by a restorative aide who, following the plan of care established by the therapists, works with the resident to maintain the highest possible level of function.

Medicare Skilled Care residents who need Medicare Skilled Care are offered a comprehensive range of specialized medical, nursing and therapeutic services, for both short-term and long-term stays.  Services provided include, but are not limited to

  • Post-stroke rehabilitation
  • Orthopedic rehabilitation
  • Post-surgical stabilization


Access to Medical Care

Our facility is located only 125 feet from the Hillsboro hospital, with many doctors’ offices easily available.  Few nursing homes in America can boast of having a hospital just a few feet away.  This is especially important should a life-threatening emergency occur, such as a stroke or heart attack.  We are only seconds away from an excellent emergency department.


Personal Care

We have available professional beauty and barber services for our residents, which helps to keep them well-groomed, and proves to be a real morale-builder.

Complete laundry services are available, so that each resident’s personal clothing can be carefully maintained.  This service is very convenient for the residents.



Our greatest concern is the safety of our residents.  The building has fire and smoke detectors in all areas, and sprinkler protection throughout the entire facility.  If fire and/or smoke activate the sprinkler system, an alarm will sound at the nurses’ station and the fire department will be automatically summoned to promptly investigate and remedy the cause of the alarm.  To further protect, we have a camera security system that monitors both inside and outside the facility


Payment Plans

We accept  private pay, Medicaid, and Medicare.



Our Facility

Our building has been meticulously maintained since its initial occupancy.  It is an attractive, two-story structure designed to provide a warm, friendly, family feeling of closeness with the aspect of practical service for the residents.  When you enter the living area you will notice sitting areas for visitation. The halls are oversized and the rooms are decorated in a comfortable motif, which helps the residents to feel like this is “home.”  Every resident has a window close by, eliminating a closed-in feeling.  The building and grounds are entirely smoke-free, which means that residents and employees cannot smoke either inside or outside, nor is anyone subjected to second-hand smoke.

Most of our residents have roommates with whom to share their experience in semi-private living quarters.  All rooms are clean and pleasant, and electric beds are provided to promote independence.  Residents often bring their own pictures, plants, and other small personal articles to make their abode home-like and personalized.  Sometimes a resident prefers not to have a roommate.  We occasionally have private rooms available for private-pay residents.


The Dining Room

Meals are served in our large, comfortable dining room.  The dining room team is led by a professional chef.  Together, the chef and dietary employees plan and serve medically approved balanced and nutritious meals that reflect home-style cooking.  Supplemental snacks are provided throughout the day for those requiring additional nutrition.  A consultant registered dietician monitors the food service program, including special diets prescribed by physicians.  When reservations are made in advance, family and friends are welcome to dine with our residents.



f you’re considering a nursing home for a loved one, we invite you to visit Town Hall Estates – Hillsboro.  When you talk to any of our employees, you’ll quickly discover that theirs is not just a job – it is a dedication of love.  To stay in business we must make a profit – but our major goal is not profit-oriented.  That goal is Superior Service – to take good, loving care of our residents.  Try us and see if that isn’t the case.